A/B Testing


Updated Sep 25th, 2022


An important skill to have. Nice to back up ideas with data. Employers love to see this skill.


Visual website optimizer bills itself as the #1 AB testing tool in the world, (Side note: their site has a nice UI with animations). Originally heard of from Ramit Sethi interview. Do not worry about space. Guest posting. Give away 98% then 10-100x what competitors charge.

Google Optimize

Google optimize is free whereas VWO is pricey. Throw away any test less than 10% result? Here is a video from UX tools channel that uses an example and use case. Link GA account. Install snippet on your site. Makes a case for the chrome extension to get a visual way to see the differences. Also touches upon multi-variant tests. A different channel’s video here. A few things that stood out where the manipulation of code from the Google Optimize UI.


Optimizely video here used an example of offering different discounts with code example uses CRA and class components.


Statistically significance to correct call clear winners and prevent false positives video here. Minimum threshold. At least 100 conversion per variation. Consistent data set, (example: winning for two weeks).