Adding Custom Namecheap Domain to Heroku


Updated Jun 28th, 2021

Pretty Easy

Can use custom domain name on free heroku but you get no-sleeping and free SSL (including automated cert mgmt.) for custom domains with a hobby account that costs $7 a month for each app. You also get some application metrics (past 24 hours with 10 minute resolution) and you have 10 process types instead of 2 (not even sure what this means).

A domain on namecheap is like $9 a year and has free domain privacy.

In heroku go to your app and go the settings. Add a custom domain AND (without the www.) and this will generate DNS targets that you can copy paste into namecheap under the domain>Advanced DNS area.

For CNAME with host of www paste in the corresponding DNS target

For ALIAS with host of @ paste in the corresponding DNS target

Back in heroku you hit “Refresh ACM Status button” and you hopefully see green check marks and status of ok.

It may take some time but you should now have an SSL custom domain name for your heroku app.