Animated Background SVG


Updated Apr 18th, 2023

Sources to Find, Buy, Download, Use (pretty basic and cheesy)



The GitHub globe, article from their team here. And of course this is one of the first lines: “At the most fundamental level, the globe runs in a WebGL context powered by three.js.” This thing is so much more in depth that I thought it was.

More SVG animations here, not necessarily bg images.

And here and here and here.

It’s All in the Handbook

The AnimateMotion element

The mpath sub element

Other Sources

Sarah Drasner is the authority in the SVG animation space. Relatively recent video here to watch with time.

SVGOMG (SVG compression)

Competing Strategies

GSAP (greensock), Framer Motion, React Spring, D3.js, SVGator.