API for Stocks Project


Updated Jun 28th, 2021

The goal is to get high data sets similar to the world ranks API. End of day data or 20 minute delay data would be fine but one request gets data for dozens or hundreds of stocks at one time. May need to combine api’s in one project since twelve data does good for quotes but has no company data whereas polygon.io has great company data including the logo. Do you store requests in your own database like the trading-bot-coders suggest, (overkill for now)?

With twelve data i should try and have 4 stocks on the home page and one page each with 30 days of data to see if i can chart , really a test to see how many api requests that makes on build, since each should hit every possible request on build i would expect 8. As thought earlier, i could have 8 prices on homepage and use polygon.io to make 8 requests for the individual page. So if i needed auth i would have to use GSSP. If i wanted individual pages to be behind paywall, using GSsP would this require an api request each time?

Twelve data seems to be what I’m looking for as explained by this guy here.

React and AlphaVantage here: He charged the data for the time series over the last few months and this is great but it’s like one symbol per page, per request.

Brian design video here for crypto and next. API used is down.

AlphaVantage with python here


Used by 8marketcap.com, (the parent of companiesmarketcap.com and apewisdom). These projects look just like the World Ranker project using NextJS.

No free tier; $9 a month. Recommended for developers, students, freelancers, and light use.

Batch requests currently only available for /stock endpoints (Should be fine for summary page and make separate)

have a _time-series endpoint as well.

Logo is a helper function, but the Google APIs url is standardized. GET /stock/{symbol}/logo


Sometimes tripped up with adjusted data due to stock splits (if they have the wrong date).

Ticker Details endpoint has logo url, mkt cap, descriptions, employees, etc.

Guy builds robust stock-pricing data with splits and dividends into postgresql db via python here using $200 a month dev key (needed to follow the video). Can get this key by funding a Alpaca account – probably a better option. Some good points on api data in general. Data availability up but so are the prices. project code in github.

Probably my best option right now because I want the logo to be on a separate stock-detail screen.

Can use EOD Data and Fundie Data.

Twelve Data

Has the pricing data but not the logo, market cap, description. Can combine Stocks, ETFs, FX, Crypto etc. Batch requests can have 120 symbols per request, (I think each symbol count as a request). Lots of indicators like bollinger bands. Can change interval parameter (1 day versus 1 minute) to get the last 30 days. Could use this to show a 30 day or 30 week chart.

docs here

Free Twelvedata Plan includes:

When in Doubt Go With the Fed

This APIs too expensive to get what i want or too basic with the free plans. Just pull free economic data from the fed.

The other reason I love this is you can spice up what is likely boring bureaucratic data, (Although I like their charting and their site does a great job overall, although it just looks like a government site). What is meant by this is bring in some bright colors, zippy, UI and you may have an opportunity to drive traffic. I can see an explainer on metrics and supporting data and links to video resources (youtube videos of macro gurus talking about them, real vision, etc.).

The FRED® API is a web service that allows developers to write programs and build applications that retrieve economic data from the FRED® and ALFRED® websites hosted by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Requests can be customized according to data source, release, category, series, and other preferences. Unemployment rate, CPI, GDP. State Specific data as well (Florida unemployment rate).


At Alpha Vantage, ALL of the API endpoints can be accessed for free with free API usage limit (5 API requests per minute; 500 API requests per day).

Yahoo Finance

Was the gold standard for free APIs. Officially deprecated/discontinued in 2017. Last know free api before twelve data.