Web Development

Updated Dec 1st, 2021

Intro: Really the lifeblood of getting data into and out of a database meaning the heart of any web or mobile app. The fancy react or angular front-ends are nothing without the functionality that ultimately the server provides, (be it in the cloud or hosted on heroku or digital ocean). API calls and what they can accomplish are the truth to what really gives an app its functionality. You can build test projects with dummy data or store data in local storage but the really power comes from a server whether in the cloud or hosted. Build the fancy front ends buts it’s the API calls that do the heavy lifting interactive the server logic and interactive with the database where the magic happens.

Building API in the cloud is interesting.

Cool public APIs to mess around with and API sources below.


Recipe Puppy? Work with Cheese My Noodle?



Yahoo finance






Public APIs on Github

The world ranking video on next JS really got me thinking what other kind of APIs are out there So there’s 258 APIs at a website called Devresources.es there’s a spoonacular API a deck of cards API the gify API API. Advice slip.com jservice.io has trivia questions omdb.api.com is for movies there’s the dogs API which I’ve seen before.

FakestoreApi.com used in FCC shopping cart tutorial from swedish dude.