Build a Quiz App


Updated Jun 9th, 2022

Free Code Camp video by Thomas Weibenfalk here, (his shopping cart video here is also good which features MUI, Styled-Components, and TS).


TypeScript, Create-React-App, Styled-Components, (API)



Didn’t want to stop with tutorial. Interested in extending, taking the features further:

Build in Next.js: Completed

Error handling (suggested by author): Completed

Quiz settings can be set by user for total questions (max 50) and difficulty, etc. Completed

Visual progress bar vs just n/10: Completed

Summarize results at the end of the quiz: Completed

Add custom SVG SMIL animation component

Testing with Jest (specifically the inputs)

Testing with Cypress

Ability to turn on sound effects?

Better animations for getting questions right or wrong

Add feedback form, credit to Weibenfalk and link to the API source (Maybe in a footer)

Deploy to SiteGround subdomain Completed

Add Server-Side Rendering to reduce flashing and loading state.

The Quiz API

Users can log in and submit their own questions.

You can see all the questions.

You can build a URL for your request based on some user input selections.