Closer Look: Fayock’s “Next-WordPress-Starter”


Updated Aug 26th, 2021

“WordPress is King CMS. Together with Headless Powerful Solution for Modern Web.”

GitHub repo here.

Environment variable for the graphql endpoint

Has support for pages and posts, categories, authors, search, RSS, sitemap and pagination, You can also optionally enable Yoast SEO plugin support to supercharge your SEO!

Mobile Responsiveness

The site is responsive but if you have a lot of pages, it never drops to a mobile menu. It does drop the links below the title.

The footer has a recent posts list, a categories list, and More list (the more list links to the RSS Feed and Sitemap).

The single post page pulls in a featured image, (terrible resolution for my dimensions). Under the image is the Title. Under the title is the gravatar, author, Date, and Category. Under the meta is the content. Under the content is a “last updated on Date” text element and a “More from Uncategorized” with a listing of 5 posts from the same category.

Support for a navigation primary menu from within WordPress that considers order. Optional environmental variable, WORDPRESS_MENU_LOCATION_NAVIGATION

Other random: Custom 404 page, Use URI for lookups, Sass, robots.txt, Sticky Post Support and Sorting, archive page based on category, Code snippets styled out of the box, date-fns, husky, fabric.js, fuse.js.

SEARCH – wp-search.json file

RSS – feed.xml file

SEO – sitemap.xml file

What Does the “socialImages.js” File Do?

Uses fs, path, fabric, {gateAllPosts, mkdirp} from “./util” and webpack compiler. Creates a [slug].png file or stream of images. Maybe to help render featured images? Doesn’t look like that’s it. Looking in the “public/images/og” folder you see a “.png” image created for each post that is comprised of the the title and the URL. Changed the “background” in the code form white to teal. Looks like it pulls in the “homepage” from the “package.json” file. I am always hesitant to change the name in this file but I am going to try changing “” to ” “

Issue on Build

Not sure If I messed thing up along the way or what but issues on build, all errors related to prettier. Deleting all the ESLint file and Prettier files allows the build to run and when it is deployed it is super fast. I tested the “404” page and was getting the standard host file although I deleted the default.html file and it looks like there is support for one in the project.

A Look Back

First GitHub page of commits back in August 23, 2020 here. Looks like the project started out using the WP rest api.