Database Driven Lineup App


Updated Oct 7th, 2021

MongoDB insertMany to take paste data from excel and load into database.

CRUD operations behind a userAuth wall

Delete players if they have been removed due to injury. Add back players if necessary or update/adjust projections and salary. This is for a one off situation, trying to every player from say Thursday to Sunday morning is unrealistic. Need data import via csv ability.

Don’t want to continually pull data from database. Load all player data once per application refresh and store in state.

Run lineup logic

Minimum project points and number of lineups to search as inputs.

Add Captain Mode Logic

Data file upload instead of individual document CRUD. If can update on phone then load in document for fresh data. It’s the multi-level sorting that things start to fall apart. But filtering works.

Trying to update the DB without a UI on the phone is impossible.