ECP To-Do List


Updated Jul 27th, 2021

Make grid cards height match the card with the most height in row.

Convert Nav to Sticky

Sort Articles by Date Revised Not Original Posted Date.

Cookie Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use

Randomize Page Header Images, (Randomize from a short list based on category).

Add analytics and traffic dashboard to admin panel?

Do I need WP Rocket, Caching, WP Smush?

Create explainer video or screenshot file.

Add used with Editor Role and custom admin experience for Editor Role by stripping out functionality.

Delete all themes except the custom theme.

Add back bg image on testimonials due to php in background: url(), (need to revisit; there’s a fix).

Fix vendor.js on build if re-implementing modal or reveal on scroll or sticky header (created in one of the deleted modules).

Add to manageWP (tool if necessary)


Changed color variables, and updated H2 to use new font and $primary color (6/7/21)

Switched out Hero Images for Beach (6/7/21)

Bring in Grid of Cards Instead of list to reduce white-space (6/2/21)

Converted Nav to Flexbox and Mobile-first and using mixins not media query

Toggle hamburger menu with X icon or bring in custom SVG with animation

Bring in Second Google Font Named Righteous (5/31/21)

Add favicon (5/31/21)

Random Button (5/31/21)

Clear out unused images in build (git ignore)

Custom login screen for wp-admin (1-21-21)

Research and Configure SSL and https:// (1-21-21)

Removed data-srcset on couple walking image

Realized I needed to bail on the hi-dpi strategy

NPM installed Lodash for reveal on scroll module but it is breaking JS on mobile so I ripped it out.

Fixed link on sitename to point to home (siteurl) and not permalink

Styles templates for index, single, page, archive, 404.

Added icons next to youtubers on MyWeb page

Gave 80+ uncategorized posts categories

Added and styled pagination at the bottom of the blog page

Added and styled next and previous post links at the bottom of single template.

External sites linked to ECP until they are ready for live links

Removed bg image on testimonials due to php in background: url(), (need to revisit; there’s a fix).

Re-targeted nav links so they didn’t affect other non-nav elements

Fixed glitchy hero-image breakpoint

Ripped out animation on mobile NavBar

Changed mobile NavBar sub-menus to appear from top and not the side

Add and styled contact form using wp-forms (remember there’s a custom class set in wp settings)

Removed page titles from content area since they are in the header image.

Customized home path for live directory ftp on host

Cropped header images for shorter site header images.