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Updated Oct 9th, 2020

Living with Pixels

So use a border box shadow vertical 30 blur on 60 and on the hover just change the opacity to a little lower Don’t overuse this.

The advanced motion effects are easy to apply but I think they need to be more subtle and this is where a custom CSS could come into play. You can add little delays to motion effects as well like a 500 millisecond delay on a second item

Overall I think learning elementor can actually help you become a better designer because there are a lot of things that you are changing with drop-downs and sliders that you wouldn’t necessarily think to implement with code but naturally you’d have more control and portability if you did it in the code.

One of the things I like about elementary is it has these templates in which you can save and reviews your own templates but also that there’s these full-on f****** pages that you can use kind of like templates created by someone else That’s essentially like a WordPress theme but a lot easier to implement because the building blocks are the same You know where the menus are.

I like then you can copy paste styles should help you work a little quicker

I looked at there’s a role manager in which clients can edit only certain things

I don’t have any experience with Adobe XD and it looks like you can do the same thing in figma. I like the idea of collecting inspiration so you don’t have a thousand browser tabs open and you can create your color palettes.

Naturally since this is built on WordPress you can use things like custom post types and advanced custom fields for repeatable content and this requires elementary pro

In an elementary custom skin you can create your own custom loop?

The idea for the prime time site was to use black and only subtle blue and lime for stripes borders accents separator lines hovers etc

I use the ocean WP transparent header because it was free and seemed easy enough to implement

Living with pixels use the monserat and poppins fonts

Elementary pro is $199 a year You add this to Adobe and hosting your cost starts to ramp up pretty quickly. I’d like to explore the free elementor for a while before jumping into pro.