Web Development

Updated May 30th, 2021


Good idea to separate Web Hosting from Email Hosting. This is great if you ever need to move web hosting providers. Also great in the event your web hosting goes down you still have access to your email. High performance web hosting is really just for websites. Hostinger has shitty simple CPANEL webhosting but is just fine for email and cheap! There are services like that is free for up to 5 email accounts.


As business scales this may be a good option for security since they support two-factor authentication (2FA). Most email hosting uses IMAMP-SMTP which are older techologies that do not have 2FA. Instead of these technologies Google uses a proprietary way. Gsuite offers way more than just email. Gsuite may not be great for budding projects. Gsuite can be a bit expensive at like $5 a month per email/user.


Migrating can be a headache but it’s actually not that difficult. You are just changing you MX records. NameServers point to “A Records” and “MX Records”. “A Records” point to where your website lives. “MX Records” point to where you look for email. There are CNAMES and TXT Records too. Changes take a little time due to DNS propogation, (a few hours).