External vs Internal Data Sources


Updated Aug 18th, 2021

You may have an option to use internal data and when is it okay to do so?

Things like projects in a portfolio site is a great example for internal data. This idea is more for just that though.

You could also use a DB or other source to create the data and then later dump into JSON to keep the data internal. Now it doesn’t need a network request.

A website about local plant species is fine for internal data.

Pursuing this strategy for a fantasy sports lineup generator may result in stale data.

Have to weigh the pros and cons on a per project basis

Some considerations include do you plan on having a public facing API? Is the internal data gigantic? Do you anticipate making a lot of network requests to access this data if it is not stored internally, (I’m thinking of the lineup generator here)? Are you consuming an API to get the data?