FCC course library on YouTube

Web Development

Updated Sep 14th, 2020

freecodecamp.org has an incredible library of videos on free code camp and a blowout list some of the ones that caught my eye.

I wish one of these videos I think it was plan code deploy in two hours of startup by Aaron Jack and it was good. So first off he was using public APIs for GitHub jobs stack overflow jobs and angel list which in and of itself is a good thing to know and displaying the jobs on entry level software jobs.com. points to a virtual private server who’s hosting NGX with a reverse proxy which connects your server to the public internet and you need a process manager on the server install dependencies he deployed using a Google domain and digital ocean. So digital ocean pointed to the Google domain name server used to droplet he needed an SSH key and he created an A record he also got an SSL certificate from certbot.ef.org he mentioned something about vim. It was a really good course and I really just learned that I’ve got a lot of work to do on deployment.