Web Development

Updated Sep 21st, 2021

Flatter blue than brand blue: #4C00DE; also an offBlack/offBlue that works: #20282F. fun blue: #5551FF.

Inspiration Site 01 – I like the fact that it’s one page and The menu will smoothly scroll you to the part of the page you’re looking for.

Inspiration Site 02 – reminds me that the schedule can be on a page in which you can just have a table or a list or a download link. It doesn’t need to be that complicated. The editor can put whatever they want on the schedule page. – This inspiration site is from the client.

Cheer gym Australia here

Here is an article about how much a website should cost.

It would be cool to have on the homepage upcoming events similar to the Fictional-University theme. This would also be good for the “class schedule updated as blog post” strategy.

Hall wants simple FB integration to avoid having to post in multiple places. WP Smash Balloon Plugin (Mono WordPress) or figure out API, mono WP or Next.

I wonder if they’re interested in having a metabox that says posted by Shannon or posted by Ryan?

It’s important on the tables look like shit and they get all scrunched up and kind of so I tell them to scroll to the right. I think you’re better off with simple text or an image or a file download, (goodsports just uses a button, maybe put pdf icon in button or next to).


My pass at the logo in Figma failed. Retry. Can I import his pdf logo into figma and save as an svg and then compress using site or wordPress itself

Content Ideas

State of New Jersey SVG image with a Star on it

Uniform Vector Image

SVG background vector image of the a cheerleader in the stroke drawing style like in movie Soul.

Duotone SVG Icons

Gradient text with cool hover effect

Instagram Image Grid.

Facebook Image Grid.

Test Out One Page site with html smooth scroll effect.

Stroke effect animation on Primetime logo as page section.

Creating the Site in Next.js

Why not use Next.js to build Hall’s site? I guess the form is the only thing. I’ve seen you can use a third party provider or use heroku/recaptcha/sendgrid. Next can provide a have a lightening fast static site, and if he needs to change hours or swap photos or update schedule pdf then email me and I will update, rebuild, and redeploy.

Scrap WP all together or use WP as headless CMS.

Configure email with Email.js or WPForms or other?

With Next we get the ability for lightning fast SPA, but they lose the ability to upload their own schedules, change hours, snow-day notice, etc. Without building our own back-end UI or going Headless WP. Headless WP with Next.js is definitely an option here.

Build both and see what’s better?

With headless WP I lose the ability for simple Custom Post Types and Social integration so starting with Mono WP using Brads boilerplate WP.

To-Do List

2nd Image is blurry, find out why

Needed from Client: What We Offer page section needs text. Also need some information on coaches, how we started or about us blurb, and pics and information on the gym.

Add CTA button to the hero image, (join us)?

simple CTA. Title Contact, email field, subject field, Submit Button

Facility info:

Down the road: Events/parties info packet


Enroll Now functionality?

The about page needs: Our Gym, Our Coaches, How We Started Sections

Update Google Map with Gym Address

Troubleshoot the following message in the wordpress dashboard: “The optional modules, fileinfo and imageick, are not installed, or have been disabled.

Need to Style Backend Login Page

Covid protocol/announcement/advisory or Covid-19 health and safety guidelines

Try a custom post type for events or try blog posts for news.

Some content I saw looking at some CrossFit gyms, all ages functional movement community development active strength and skill.

Features I Would Like to See Implemented

Full height menu overlay with social links and address/email/phone on mobile. Animated hamburger close. Nice zippy animation for links or panel or both

Image with overlay or very subtle overlay fade thing. The garage example.

Diagonal page section with thick borders

Some clip path designs for SVG curves to break out of the stereotypical square look

Accordion for frequently asked questions.

On desktop a nice big tall footer with contact / open hours/about/socials underneath that you got the copyright your logo all rights reserved and then links to privacy policy in terms of use


Done: Pages that are not the home page need images with less height

Done: Make Sure their is a transition on the sticky header

Done: Add Google Map to the Contact Page

Done: Change black in footer to $offBlack

Done: Change Linear Gradient BG on Social Media to Solid

Done: Contact Blocks Need Help

Done: Brought in MavenPro and Switched it out for Oswald

September 2021 Pass

Mono WP using Brads boilerplate, for React and Sass with @wordpress/scripts

Bring in glide.js for homepage slider?

Bring in mobile menu from

Use original logo after optimizing but before attempting to convert to SVG in Figma.

Use some stock footage work wireframing.

Have a page with social media updates

Have a form with email.js or a free plugins that allows you to see submissions in the dashboard.

Button in header for schedules?

CPT for trophies/competitions

CPT for coaches

Should the schedules be CPT or link to files with media library?

Go Top Button SVG like HFRR

Need sitemap and RSS feed

Use Cowboys cheerleaders as stock footage?

Need a 404 page

Bring in some curves

Need some microanimations

Bring in some parallax for a page section

Need custom login screen with logo in dashboard.

Configure with google analytics. Simple way to have easy analytics show up in Google Dashboard without ads?