Hosting Email on SG With Domain Pointing Elsewhere


Updated Apr 5th, 2022

Q: I have a domain name purchased on and pointing to Heroku hosting (Node/Express App). I am paying for SiteGround hosting so can they host only the email, while the domain is pointed elsewhere?

A: Yes

The Setup Notes:

From the SiteGround site here: “If you have your domain name pointed elsewhere, but you wish to have your mail handled by SiteGround, you can easily achieve this by pointing your domain’s MX (Mail eXchange) record to us.”

This is the detailed article they refer you to here.

So I created a site on SiteGround and in the “Site Tools” deleted all non-MX records in DNS Zone Editor, (not sure if this was a good idea). I then added an email address and password.

In NameCheap’s admin panel I added 3 MX records as described in the article.

Note: I was unsure of what to put for the “host” value so I just used the “@” symbol. If this doesn’t work I could also try “” or “” as this is the value in the SG DNS Zone editor for name.