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Updated May 7th, 2021

Installing Shell is probably worth it

Atlas is the Cloud Compass is the Gui

Apparently upgrading your MongoDB or updating it is a huge pain in the ass I had to learn some MongoDB methods when trying to update user items that were already existing after the settings have been updated so I learned about functions like or should I say methods like dot find. Pretty. Update. Update and many also. Save and really just like the dollar sign project. Affect the dollar sign lookup returns an array. Dover to the fact that an aggregate query creates calculated fields using dollar sign project So you want to use aggregate with two array I’ll which returns a promise aggregate does not manipulate data in the database it returns data we can use however you want aggregate is for multiple or complex operations It takes an array of database operations and each operation is an object. Some aggregate operator examples include dollar sign match dollar sign lookup dollar sign project. Within project is an array alum at. There’s also a dollar sign set method that helps update. So for instance you could like a weight items collection. Find many and update and then set an underscore ID equal to a new object ID and pass it this stat requested user ID and then you could have a set method and inside of it there’s some more objects and then you resolve your promise.