MySQL Workbench


Updated May 22nd, 2022

I noticed a command prompt was flashing on my computer and I thought I was hacked. Come to find out this was the MySQL Workbench running some kind of update/reboot whatever so I disabled the Windows service that was allowing it to start on boot.

But then I wanted to use MySQL Workbench. It did not work.

Not to mention I forgot the password I used to install SQL Server

Article about it here

Stack Overflow here (older version)

“MySQL Workbench is just a client. MySQL Server is a separate product, and would be installed separately.”


Uninstalled workbench and reinstall MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench

Importing an “previously-exported” file is helpful.

Handling Remote Access Hosts

What is a Remote Access Host?

Access and manage the dbs on your account from locations different from the hosting server. The lists of hosts and IPs that can access the databases on your account remotely. Basically, Grant access to your database using remote connections.

Now open your favorite client and log in with the necessary credentials.

Note: The host will be your domain name

Whitelisting all is not a good idea. Makes the attack surface smaller. Your password and database name become the weak link. Interesting point from Vercel on whitelisting here.

Also, be careful with port 3306. A security note seen on Stack Overflow, “I wouldn’t connect to the server over the Internet using port 3306; none of that traffic is encrypted. Your password, everything – all in the clear. Use an SSH tunnel and see if you can reconfigure the MySQL database to not make that port available to the Internet.”