Notes from “Guide to Becoming Self” taught by Traversy Media

Web Development

Updated Sep 1st, 2020

This was a good watch on YouTube and I recommend it.

Traversy Media

Figure out end goal
big company startup or freelance
web dev (front end backend full stack), gaming, data science, mobile apps?
what are you naturally good at?
check payscales, job security (Glassdoor)
Choose a programming language
which language
fundamentals first (save frameworks for later)
IDE he uses visual studio code
switch or learn language
Find resources and build a curriculum
resources websites
video courses
online bootcamps
challenge websites
Find a community
having people to talk to
find a mentor
join an online community
go to meetups
Create your own projects
Create your portfolio

attractive but simple
showcase a love versioonof source code
No formal education this is even MORE important
Contribute to Open Source
experience with real-life
collaborate with other devs
something for resume
Learn how to use GitHub
Create an Online Presence
Also extremely important with no formal education
Update LinkedIn profile with link or website
GitHub up to date
The more visible the better
Professional Twitter
Prepare and Apply for Jobs
Interview prep
Author has medium article with over 70 sources