Programming Objective

Web Development

Updated Aug 24th, 2021

Source of income through building with bonus of entrepreneurial potential.

Here I became interested in programming:

In May of 2017 I was getting very hung up on which language to learn. I liked the idea of building websites and web apps. The language of choice became JavaScript and here’s some reasons why:

This wasn’t always the path though, and choosing racked my brain for a while and delayed my getting started. I actually thought Python was it at first.

Python is an “easier” to learn general purpose language that is very powerful. You can build serious web apps using a web framework like Django. I am a little hesitant to learn Python because its web deployment seems more complicated at least versus WordPress (php/MySQL). I am having a hard time envisioning the projects I would create that WordPress can’t easily do as well and why bother learn a new language. When watching python training videos I have been failing to see the front end result, which requires Django or another web framework. Seems a lot more difficult to set up, compared to WordPress or simple html/CSS/JavaScript. I should run a test of Django/python to confirm.

Java is also very powerful but I’d like to see if I can get by without it. It requires the Java Run-time environment. You can use it to build android apps. in 2019/2020 it seems like Kotlin would be a better track.

Benefits to learning C programming language

As a lower-level language you really understand the y in the behind the scenes and the higher languages are built upon C which has been around since the 70s. Learning C may be beneficial to understanding some of the basic concepts of a low level programming language. this may make it more exciting to learn a higher level language like JavaScript or python.

PHP is a language that I don’t know but do interact with now via WordPress and is everywhere on the web. Given its popularity and the fact it is the backbone of WordPress I am wondering if i should start here. A downside is it kind of has a bad wrap. It is apparently clunky and syntax heavy at least compared to Python.

SQL is not so much a programming language but has been described as “MS Excel on steroids” which is right up my alley. SQL is more commonly used in languages such as MySQL which I also use, albeit very sparsely, via WordPress. Sybase is expensive enterprise level, postgreSQL is more affordable, and MySQL is free and opensource.

JavaScript seems to be a less powerful programming language but a necessity one when it comes to front end web development.

CSS and HTML are basics and I need to progress in my use of them.

Used in Data science : python r, shell scripting for Unix

Node.js running on the express.js web framework is the backend technology taught on; an alternative to PHP as a server side scripting language.

For a while there I was also debating software development versus database administration.