IDE of Choice

Web Development

Updated Aug 9th, 2020

VS Code

Need to become proficient at using VS Code and all its shortcuts

I originally downloaded like visual studio without realizing that it’s different from visual studio code.

Pycharm tutorial notes

Pycharm as an IDE was overruled by VS Code since it works well with python too.

Open new project ( any folder)

Files on left hand side

Right click new file

Add configuration and python interpreter. Top right hand corner.

Hit plus sign and On the script path. Navigate to the file You want to run. For the python interpreter select python 3.7 which is what they selected in the video. Helpful because you can run different interpreters on the same project. Run the file from the pie charm like main page with the green button in the top right corner.

Right click variBle to refactor or change multiple variables saving lots of time

Keyboard shortcuts:

control F for find,

alt+shift+c will show recent changes

Ctrl +d duplicates anything highlited

#To do list . Add # todo as a comment and it adds the comment to the to do list. From the to do list you can click and it will send you to the line in the code.

Hold alt key and drag hilite up and down will hilite only column. Not sure why useful

Surround with: hilite text and then Ctrl+alt+t and you get a list of surround with options.

Pycharm debug tool is the green cog wheel in the top right corner of windows next to the run button. Debugger tab. Add breakpoints. Click in the gutter (area immediately the the right of the line numbers) to add a red dot. Click it again to remove. Shows in debu ei Dow it shows the step by step variable breakdown with in the scope and adds comments to actual code!