Random Buttons

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Updated Sep 30th, 2020

I love the random button. This site needs a random button.

Wikipedia Gets It

Click here for a random wikipedia articles. Here’s there explanation below.

In Wikipedia and other sites running on MediaWikiSpecial:Random can be used to access a random article in the main namespace; this feature is useful as a tool to generate a random article. Depending on your browser, it’s also possible to load a random page using a keyboard shortcut (in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome Alt-Shift+X).

To create a link to a random page in a different namespace, use [[Special:Random/Namespace]]. For example, Special:Random/Talk will take you to a random article’s talk page.

Implement Random Button in WordPress

This article is cool in that it explains a few of the implementation options including a custom shortcode. I used the custom query option to implement and it was pretty straightforward.

Here is an article that describes adding code to custom page template and inserting wherever using get-template-part function.

Another article here shows how to use 307 redirect in functions.php and then update permalinks. This option is cool because you can now just link to yoursite.com/random.

Of Course there is a plugin for this as well.

In WordPress there is next_post_link function and a previous_post_link function and it would be great if there was a random_post_link function to avoid this custom query code but implementation is easy enough I guess.