Web Development

Updated May 13th, 2021

Some notes from listening to syntax….

Use markdown for blog posts: Don’t leave VScode to write blog posts which is a great perk. Sanity is a sponsor to use GraphQL and it’s like a simple CMS I’ve heard people talk about it before and I’m just not ready to go there cuz I hate water depressed It’s probably an oxymoron that’s not why I don’t want to go there.

Nest.js: Tight with the angular community

Fastify: Alternative to express It feels just like node. Apparently you need a plug-in for off which wes seemed kind of turned off by.

So still WP? I feel like these guys get the question all the time Wes says it’s still worth it Scott didn’t have much to say They did mention that small potatoes five to $1,000 for a website to have people just go to squarespace/wix So it’s good to kind of get that part of the market out.

Cloudinary for Image formatting and Videos: Scott is a huge fan and the big thing is there’s no more like multi-image compression and sizes They handle all that for you and I think they start running a CDN as well.