Updated Sep 14th, 2021

There are many ways to do something. When you think, oh that’s neat and then realize you have to think how it interacts with X Y Z.

WordPress is a plugin rabbithole. Using the API makes those plugins more useless. But clients need a CMS.

Building everything from scratch is a mess.

React/Next is the best option but need a headless CMS and then implementing some the things that WP does easily, like user permissions, security, sanitization now gets dropped I’m your lap.

Building simple, free things in React and Next is fairly easy. Implementing user auth and crud operations is alright. But we want e-commerce and membership options.

What am I complaining about? I don’t know exactly. Use Next and a CMS that’s not WordPress for simple editing.

Jumping stacks kills progress. What are paying clients paying to do: Brochure, E-commerce, Functionality.

TS or No TS? Styled-components or no styled-components?

Stack List

Stack Details



Node Back-end, Next Front-end, Static site

Node Back-end, Next Front-end, Non-Static site

Mono WP

Using the new @wordpress/scripts bundling workflow with Sass support and React built in.

WP Back-end Next Front-end Static

Can use Colby Fayock starter as a baseline. Can host anywhere.

WP Back-end Next Front-end Non-Static

Can use Colby Fayock starter as a baseline. Need to host on Vercel or Netlify.


Next with a database and use of internal API to call


eincode YouTube channel has a course at


JS Mastery has a tutorial

Next.js and Markdown for CMS

Not for non-developer admin, or a lot of content

Next.js and BigCommerce

Alternative to BIgCommerce

Next.js and Snipcart

Snipcart is a sliver of what shopify provides