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Updated Jan 20th, 2021

Link to download pdf. Series of posts should be good with category archive page or could wp_query the most recent “class schedule” post to the home page or another area.

Title: Class Schedule (1-01-21 to 02-04-21)

Notes: Just a reminder blank blank and blank.

PDF: Filename and Download link

To display or not display? There is not an obvious way to display on page that doesn’t require more effort on the site owners part. If the site owner is down for the effort then there’s a handful of ways to display on page, (pdf viewer plugin, calendar integration, Basic html table).

Using the standard file block is the simplest solution. The site-owner simply makes or edits a post with an uploaded named correctly file. Desktop browser is preferred method with mobile browser second and the mobile app only if truly needed.

And why is the App not the preferred post method for a file? When uploading a file from the mobile app, and whether you add the file from your device or from the Media Library, the file gets a wp prefix and an auto generated string of numbers. You can change the title but I would like control of the slug. Not sure if I can change this.

Fortunately in the browser, including the mobile browser, this is non-issue and will maintain the same name as the file!

Test 1 – Upload from App Using Media Library: wp-123456789

Test 2 – Upload from App Using Folder on Phone: wp-123456780

Test 3 – Upload from Mobile Browser: My-Original-Filename

So Rejoice! Love the ability to post from the phone and the mobile browser is easy enough. If the app is that much easier for you then use the app, maybe the filename doesn’t matter that much to you anyway. Pick your poison.

The default wp-content/uploads/ slug isn’t ideal but that’s a story for another day.