The Right Way to do WordPress for Clients

Web Development

Updated Feb 6th, 2021

This article is incredible. Bill Erickson has very valid good point that “At the end of the day I’m building on a CMS so that my clients can edit their content.”

The Gutenberg Editor is powerful and you want the client to use it natively. The developer essentially makes the native editor a page builder and displays what is created in the editor on the front-end.

This seems like a tremendous can of worms. Especially if your used to just creating templates.

How can we customize blocks so they look the way we want on the front-end? Why would we want to create custom blocks in the editor? Is it difficult to change the way the block looks in the editor itself? Is this theming with Gutenberg really necessary?

No code tools are a thing. As Gutenberg improves it will likely put Elementor and other page builders out of business. This doesn’t mean developers are going instinct but you need to be working on more complex apps because the developers needed to build brochure sites are going extinct. This has been my battle while learning web development; I constantly migrate back to WordPress and get stuck in its ecosystem. Instead of learning JavaScript and CRUD apps from scratch I’m learning Gutenberg and Advanced Custom Fields to create custom WP blocks. Learn how to build outside of WordPress, for users and not just for clients that need to edit.