Things I do when starting a WordPress Site

Web Development

Updated Dec 1st, 2020

I current use local (local by flywheel) for my local dev environment and they make it easy to get started. They create a database and install WordPress automatically with you.

Create a new theme folder with a custom name: index.php and style.css and screenshot.png (try not to spend 15 minutes drawing one in figma but hey, it happens). Here’s what needs to go in you style.css file:


Theme Name: Your Theme Name
Author: Your Name
Version: 1.0

Login to admin and activate your new theme. Delete other themes.

Turn Off Organize Media into Folders

Turn off Comments

Confirm Permalinks to Post Name. Do it early or you can get a warning of failed JSON response. One of the reasons WP can make you bang your head against the wall.

Create Three Quick Posts

Create Pages (Home, About/Manifesto, Resources). Home About Contact Blog.

Set Pages to Full Width

Create a Menu with newly Created Pages

Set Home Page as Static

Add functions.php and enqueue scripts and styles

Register the navbar and setup in admin

Build out some templates (header, footer, page, single)

Copy in Webpack.config and package.json starter files (from university-static-master)

Update webpack.config line 116 with theme name and do the same in functions.php with theme name and package.json.

npm install

create a css folder and inside create a style.css

create a js folder

create a file called style.js
add in this snippet:

//load in css
import “../css/style.css”

// Allow new JS and CSS to load in browser without a traditional page refresh
if ( {

Before using local I would:

  • Create a DB
  • Update Config
  • Install WP
  • Create Editorial Staff User