Web Development

Updated Jul 24th, 2021

3D websites seems like a game changer and right up my alley.

Maybe being subtle is better. is the main site and showcase mainly of the site that wins awards.

Sometimes have loading icons

Greensock, GSAP, is a different animation library that has a lot of award winning sites.

How does React work with this? with Package React Three Fiber.

Create 3D Assets in Blender.

React Transition Group, React Spring, and Framer Motion are 2d animation libraries for react.

To understand three.js, you have to understand webGL, like openGL (videogames) for the browser. The processor can millions of triangles instantly. Uses the GPU to draw on the html canvas.

Used to make Google maps.

Blender is a 3d software to create complex 3d images. Don’t want to be limited to just basic shapes. Lots of format

Can be hard to get good looking results, so you have to dive deep.

Bruno Simon interview was good. Check out his portfolio with the red car.

Knowing basic JavaScript is necessary and it would help to know mathematics.

Basic 3d theory. Rendering pipline. Triangles


Shaders written in openGL.