Tutorial Hell


Updated Mar 20th, 2022

This likely belongs on the coding subdomain but I wanted to rant a bit.

I was listening to a podcast and they were discussing tutorial Hell.

I fully agreed with the one dude that you need to be building something alongside the tutorial. Someone could say look I’m just like skimming through a couple tutorials to see which one I really like but this is kind of b*******

I will say if the end result is what you’re interested in then yeah you need to know what the end result is of the tutorial before you go through and build with the tutorial showing.

Most tutorials don’t start off with a This is what we’re going to build introduction.

The other thing is that some tutorials looking at you jazz mastery will go into using libraries or technologies that you aren’t familiar with or don’t include important things like CSS.

You don’t want to be copying and pasting code but in the 3 hour tutorial there’s a lot of copying and pasting code.

The main point

Getting off on a bit of a tangent but I want to make is that yes build something alongside the tutorial and then maybe build it again so you can work out the kinks.

I’m totally guilty here of watching a bunch of tutorials and sequence without actually building anything. I’m also guilty of watching the whole tutorial and then having to go back and build it step by step.

But it’s what you’re building that ultimately puts you into tutorial hell.

We want to make sure we’re building the right thing. What is that right thing?

It’s a production ready useful app that’s database driven for user specific persistent data and user authentication again for user specific user data. You also want to be using the latest and greatest technology.

I understand learning vanilla JavaScript before learning react but I also thought it seemed silly to Learn how to do something and then relearn how to do it another way.

I found a tutorial that showed how to use vanilla react and plain CSS. But I wanted to use next JS and TypeScript and styled components and so I had to watch a TypeScript course and I had to watch a NexJS course and I had to watch a react course and a MongoDB course.

I think this is where coding boot camp could help you because it would say look we’re going to build this project it’s useful and here’s what it’s missing.

But have the confidence that we’re going to build on this.