Using NameCheap as centralized place for domain names

Web Development

Updated Apr 12th, 2021

It seems cheaper and it comes with free domain privacy. It also helps prevent vendor lock in and allows you to switch hosts pretty easily.

I’m currently using SiteGround for hosting so on their website on a website link I click add new site then I click existing domain then I enter domain name then I hit start new website you can install WordPress if you want or skip. I then grab DNS from name cheap and then paste it in. Done.

In name cheap I click manage I change name servers to custom DNS and then I copy these two name servers and paste it into siteground. This may take 24 hours or at least they advise you of this.

Again the domain is like $9 a year and it includes free domain privacy which is huge The only thing I’m wondering about is SSL certificates and does this sound too good to be true?

Has an aside is SG site scanner worth the $19.80 a year?