Utilizing Psuedo Code

Web Development

Updated Apr 20th, 2021

Pseudocode can be really helpful to visualize and kind of lay out your project in normal speak.

This is great but one of the things is like how detailed or broad can you be in your pseudo code.

In writing out some pseudocode for a fairly basic project I realized I had More like 10 pages of notes and What could essentially be comments in the actual code.

This is okay I guess but I think in addition to this you need to limit your pseudo code to one page which forces you to just refactor to a much broader 30,000 ft type of view.

You can then drill down further and create pseudo code at a more granular level.

Ultimately be aware of what level of pseudo code you’re writing. I think a one pager has benefits in forcing your application to be summarized. Then you dig deeper from there.