VSCode Shortcuts


Updated Jun 8th, 2022

In chrome control + 2 puts you on the second tab.

Settings.json file

Update terminal don’t size

Open command pallet and Type new file. Example.md click preview icon in top right arrow over top left corner of paper.


Regex support for search

Can combine the two things above.

Ctrl + D


Can tab through Emmet results easily

Emmet exists in CSS as well, (tac = text align center).

Custom Snippets

Command shift o to search for function

Ctrl + l to select the next line

FormatOnSave and formatOnPaste (VSCode defaults). Prettier as alternative.

Ligatures in fonts. Jetbrains mono font. Settings JSON. Editor.fontFamily. explicitly enable ligatures in settings.json


Ctrl + Shift + P to open command pallette

Ctrl + P to open files with search not mouse

Ctrl + B to toggle sidebar

Ctrl + Shift + L is same as Ctrl + D but selects all instances simultaneously

Ctrl + F opens find and replace box

Control ` opens the terminal

Ctrl + / comment line of code without highlighting first

Ctrl + spacebar triggers hinting

Ctrl + shift + [ fold/unfold code block

Ctrl + , to open the settings

Ctrl + W will close the current file, keep hitting to close multiple

Ctrl + Shift + T will reopen a closed file

Ctrl + K, then u will close all open and saved files

Custom keybondings

Ctrl N, Ctrl O collapses all folders