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Updated Apr 11th, 2021

Be blunt on your homepage. Viewers come and give a few seconds only so get message across

Revenue= Membership Services, A La Carte Reports, Advertising, and Affiliate Services

Put yourself in the user’s shoes; anticipate questions; provide value

Looking for affiliate goods to promote on site?  Clickbank.com and commissionjunction.com

Hertz is unit of speed for computers. Memory is 1. Hard drive space 2. RAM and 3. ROM (read-only mem – BIOS, built-in input/output system). Hard drives are measured in Gigabytes while Ram size is measured in megabytes and 1000 megabytes is a gigabyte (typical CPU is 512 megabytes). Computers with 64 megabytes or 128 megabytes of RAM are becoming unable to run most software. Speed is in Megahertz or more commonly these days are gigahertz 3 gigahertz means 3 billion things per second. It’s important to know the bottleneck of the computer. two other types of memory: L1 and L2 Cache. Of all the upgrades to give to a computer, RAM is the one that pays!

I want my website to be different than most websites.  Something that is original and shows some CREATIVE DESIGN. I’m thinking a landing page with a flash movie and much more curves than right angles. 

What are people doing online to make money?  Selling Ads? Selling memberships? Selling Ebooks? Yes

 Good way to organize thoughts. I choose WordPress cuz I wanted to be viewable on the web page they have a really good app and I get more control than using something like Evernote. The content could be unviewable if servers go down.

Whatsinmyfridge.com (idea from October 2010). Is it interactive website of a refrigerator. And that cooking ideas favorite recipes links resources. Articles like quick and easy, football Sunday Sunday. This still has legs as a micro site.

Move domains: 1.) In namecheap account, select transfer domain. In existing hosting account or other registrar account unlock domain, disable domain privacy and get the EPP Code. There will be a link in the email inbox on file with whois that needs to be confirmed by clicking through link

Why use Cloudflare for DNS? Speed (minification), firewall (security) caching, cdn. Needed for high traffic sites and may not really be needed for my basic sites. The cost is unknown but I know you can upgrade to business which can get pretty expensive.

Websites need 1.) a domain name 2.) a domain registrar (where you lease your domain name and get privacy and point to DNS server) 3.) DNS server where traffic actually gets directed (either provided by a hosting account or separate like with cloudflare. “A records” are for website server and MX records are for email server and 4.) Hosting: wp-engine, powweb, siteground, etc. For example 48 in 48.org uses godaddy for registar, DNS with cloudflare, Wp-engine for A hosting, and google apps for MX hosting

Update Whois contact names are multiplied 3 times for registrant, admin, and technical. Server type for powweb is Apache/2 amfd Siteground is Nginx. Need to update this, And namecheap offers free domain privacy.

I should migrate all domain names to centralized domain registrar which makes transferring to different hosts way easier; planning on using namecheap.com

Imageoptimizer.net is a free tool to help optimize images. Do I need to do this manually or use WP smush? Photoshop is another tool to use, (Large number of photos at one time using batch procesing; save for web). April 2021 spent some time digging into this.

Paid $240 in June 2019 to continue growbig account with siteground. renewed 2020 as well

CNTL+SHIFT+END: highlights all text in a document

audio voiceover…easyivr.com provoice.htm, amazingvoice.com, voice123.com

I revisited Overhillfarms.com and still see a website that looks like it was built by a fifth grader. Finding big publicly traded businesses with shitty websites is still a vaild source of leads.

There is so much garbage on the web. Take what you have learned and put it out there to the world and yourself – respectable; and possible profitable

Buy Camtasia as soon as possible to help generating content. This has been on the list forever. Try free version first.

Figure out how to show loader while loading content.

It would be cool to have different stylesheets automatically be generated and give a different look (ex. color scheme) to the site without even really doing any work. See if the fireship video on reverse engineering alligator.io

Just go for the web. Produce. I don’t care if I need to operate under an alias, have a shitty unknown site or what. At the very least have some neutral content that can be a testament to my life (beliefs, thoughts, activities, creativeness, etc.)

Idea: A site on my failed adventures in trading and FX. Thought listening to James Altuchar on MFM.

This endeavor is a trial: something that will allow me to do something I’m passionate about, try something new, learn something new. STAY GROUNDED. Focus on building content on my corner of the internet.

Don’t be reliant on one authoring tool. Try and keep independence by not putting all eggs in one basket with regards to authoring tool. Stay flexible.

GMST: Am I offering value? Test it with the CFA Study and Tech learning (Programing/Design). still valid to promote accelerated learning resources and techniques.

5by5.tv right click on media player and its says “about wistia.” Wistia provides measurable video hosting, sharing and tracking. Wistia – Video Sharing for BusinessOnce your video is uploaded to your Wistia account, you can easily share it privately with an individual or a group. Check this out for commercial. Crazy this website is still kicking.

In 2010 I was interested in Flash and motion graphics. It was 2016 when I really tested the waters of motion graphics and AE and realized it is too time consuming for me and I would rather get into web development.

Check out typography vids on youtube (ex. Fightclub typography, zoolander typography). The Zoolander one and this idea in general is what I’ve been trying to do in AE to give my websites and marketing material a very professional look.

Get used to creating and updating content and adding it on a schedule for the practice. Get the procedure down so it can be outsourced.

Get the Shell down – This is the main constant across my ideas!!! Commercial Website: WordPress/a-member/payment processing.

AI Learning and good searches: Zeno’s paradox and machine learning. Mostly statistics and some probability theory. Big Barriers to Entry: Data, programs, infrastructure

Idea: Texting to a contact in your phone uploads to a wp database and displays on webpage automatically. It can be stored in peoples phones as a phone number or phone contact. For example, add Visokay vacation weekend group to the phone contact list. You can text the group and the text chain will be posted on the internet.”