Website Lifecycle Checklists

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Updated Jan 21st, 2021

Prospect and Agree

Asset Accumulation

Build Phase



Client Handover

Ongoing Maintenance Plan


1. Custom Logo Experience: Login screen, dashboard. If needed you can use a plug-in called white label CMS by video user having a logo instead of text on the login screen is a nice touch and also having a background image for the logo screen is a really nice touch.

2. Google analytics via every new website needs a new Google account then you can use a plug-in called Google analytics dashboard for WP (formerly GADWP) by exact metrics you do not need to upgrade to pro.

3. Add a site favicon by going to appearance customized site identity. WordPress recommends an image at least 512 pixels height and width. Rhino with living with pixels used in 80×80 image in p&g format that was 3 kilobytes.

4. Add users with an editor role. You will need an email address.

5. Customize the dashboard experience for the editor roll by stripping down dashboard to remove functionality and make things less overwhelming. If needed you could use the WP admin UI customized plugin by gqevu6bsiz? You do not need to upgrade to pro.

6. Create an explainer video or a PDF with screenshots to explain how to log in how to make simple changes how to view the analytics how to use the WordPress app. There’s a good way to wow the client. If you’re going to video route you can always just send a unlisted YouTube link to your private video.

7. Connect the site ManageWP. This is a tool where you connect all your client sites for updates and backups. Create and manage WP account and then from the WordPress dashboard install manage WP plugin by GoDaddy. then you can figure in the connection manager. This convenient dashboard allows you to manage multiple sites from one dashboard. Maintenance is needed and can be a recurring source of revenue.

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No console log left in code

DNS propogation: don’t flip over DNS right before launch. leave 1-2 days in advance or setup so you can just swap A-record

Test on Dev Server: Staging environment that is password protected, not crawled (robots.txt)

Redirects in HTAccess

robots.txt for urls you don’t want seen

ad-blockers make analytics useless